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I am a Librarian in Wyoming who can rarely resist grabbing a stack of new books on my way home from work.

The tall girl's handbook

The tall girl's handbook - Gwen Davenport This was a lucky find for $1 at a book fair, and as a tall girl I to love it! Read with a sense of humor the advise given in this book is golden, and I still enjoy bringing out examples of proper jobs for the likes of me


Killashandra - Anne McCaffrey I loved the first book, and I am glad that killashandra gets a true love interest in the second. The character in the Crystal Singer books is very interesting, and I am always amazed at mccaffreys ability to build imaginary worlds and jobs in those world!

Persuasion (Penguin Classics)

Persuasion - Jane Austen, Gillian Beer I have no idea if this or P&P is my favorite of Austen's novels. The character development in Persuasion is much more interesting, and the love story more complex.

The Lark and the Wren- Book 1 of Bardic Voices

The Lark and the Wren- Book 1 of Bardic Voices - Mercedes Lackey The first in the bardic voices series follows rune as her love of music leads her away from her home and into the arms of the leader of the free bards.

The Serpent's Shadow (Elemental Masters, Book 1)

The Serpent's Shadow  - Mercedes Lackey This re-telling of Snow White is unique and is one of my favorite fairy tale books by lackey. I love that this book has a strong female character, though there is not much growth of character in the book.

Owlflight (Darian's Tale)

Owlflight (Owl Mage Trilogy, #1) - Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon I was glad to see Lackey take her Valdemar books past the storms. Like many of her Valdemar books she uses a younger character in this book, which makes this a good read for both adults and YA.

If I Pay Thee Not In Gold

If I Pay Thee Not in Gold - Piers Anthony, Mercedes Lackey I found this book to be very original, my poor copy is slightly the worse for all the times I've read it. The main character is poor, due to what she thinks is a curse. As her life falls to ruin she is offered a loan by a demon. In an attempt to pay her dept she takes a mission given to her by the queen, accompanied by the demon.

The Valdemar Companion (Daw Book Collectors, No. 1205)

The Valdemar Companion - John Helfers, Denise Little, Mercedes Lackey I only bought this on a whim, as it was clearence at the book store for $5. for the price I would say it is worth it, though it really does not add much to the series that is not already addressed in her other books.

The Initiates

Added to the CCPLS collection 8/2013


"Etienne Davodeau is a comic artist - he doesn't know much about the world of wine-making. Richard Leroy is a wine-maker - he's rarely even read comics. Yet these two, in the spirit of good will and curiosity, asked: why do people choose to spend their time like writing and creating comics or producing wine? To answer this question Etienne went to work in Richard's vineyards and cellar and Richard, in return, leapt into the world of comics. In this beautiful adventure, the pair realise that they both have the precious and necessary power to bring people together."